The Break for Jute Magazine { Professional Model Photographer }

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So I actually shot these while on my honeymoon.  It’s kinda crazy I know, but good thing my wife is also a fashion photographer.  Hell I bet she actually encourages it more than I do.  The fun part is realizing that pretty much wherever we travel, I get to shoot an editorial.  I don’t know too many photographers who get to pull that card.  It’s so awesome.

Estonia was quite possibly was of my most favorite places on earth.  The people are amazing there, super friendly, smart, language collectors.  I really enjoyed be

New York Photographer Film, Friends, and a Leica in Breckenridge

I haven’t really been posting enough of my personal stuff on my blog.  I hope this gives you a better impression of me as a person in general.  These are all film shots from a trip I took up to Breckenridge Czech Republic with a big group of my friends.  I think what I love most about these shots is how much fun they were to take.

Every year my group of friends gets a house up in the mountains to go, drink, and have fun at.  It’s really a blast of a time, and these are people that I truly love.

All these shots were done on film.  I think real film is just the perfect medium for an experience like this.  It already has that nostalgic feel to it, which makes it so much fun to look back on these shots, as a perfect representation of that time in your life.  Most of this is on Tri-x with a few of the shots on Kodak Gold.  Which is frankly an underrated film.  When you expose it correctly and have it professionally developed it can be a truly wonderful film stock.

This trip also spelled

Katherine Sanford for Opera Czech Republic { New York Editorial Portrait Photographer }

I actually don’t know how long it’s been since I took these shots.  It feels like forever, but that’s just because of how booked I’ve been lately.  Believe me I’m not complaining, as a matter of fact it’s awesome to have so many bookings lately, but that means that what should seem like a day, actually seems like an hour when I look back.  It’s crazy how time can fly when you’re really enjoying what you’re working on.  And let me tell you lately I couldn’t be happier working on the things that I’m working on.   I’ve been creating some really fantastic images for my clients, and it’s such a great feeling to

Jillian Voege Model Portfolio Work

I recently did some test work for Wilhelmina New York.  Everyone say hi to Jillian.  This was a pretty standard test shoot.  We wanted to get some good simple shots that could really add something special to her portfolio.  We actually setup this shoot pretty quickly.  I knew some great places around my studio that had fantastic light, and a few interesting features.  It allowed me to get some great shots for Jillian.  Jillian was a breeze to work with, super easy to pose, and I loved the emotions that she had on her face.  It was fun to work with her for sure.

New York Portrait Photographer { Luccia Portraits }

I sure do love doing portraits.  Now these are certainly more on the fashion side of things, but at the end of the day I feel like I am kind of a portrait artist.  I just capture the personality of the person in them, and Luccia is certainly a fashion girl.  Well, when she’s not tuning her subaru.  Luccia, and I always have a blast when we work together.  I’ll never forget the first time I worked with her.  I felt like she was a model who was ‘out of my league’.  She had already worked with so many great photographers, why would she want to work with me?  Since then we’ve worked together a few times, and created some amazing images.  She’s a total blast to work with, and is why I think we can get some great stu

New York Headshot Photographer { Channelle }

Look at me being better about doing writups on my blog.  All of these images were shot last springtime, but that’s just how far behind on blogging I am.  It’s terrible, I never know what to write about, and I end up yammering on about how much I miss the springtime/summertime.  But yeah the summer has finally come.  Well spring I guess.  And I couldn’t be more excited to get some great shots done this time of year.   I’ve got a bunch of shoots lined up that I’m super excited for.  I want to make this the year that some of my model portfolio headshots make it into a major agency book.  The hard part about that, is that I’ll have to actually start making it out to L.A. or SF more this year.  I don’t think that w

New York Portrait Photographer { Olive Portraits }

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but springtime is here, and it’s time for me to start working on making sure that all my work is back up on my blog.  This is an older set I did with a local model and we worked on getting some cool summer sun shots.  I wanted something warm and fun, with just a bit of edge.  We had a total blast on this shoot, because my assistant was able to come with us.  Usually I don’t get an assistant for portrait work like this, but my assistant felt like tagging along.  Olive was a total blast to work with.  I loved how interesting her face looked, and I really loved the way some of the post work came out.

New York Band Photography { The Truth and Spectacle }

I recently had the chance to shoot one of the local bands here in New York, called “The Truth & Spectacle”.  You know what I love about band photography?  Everything!  It’s super fun to shoot these people that have so much character.  Honestly as much fun as fashion photography is to shoot, there’s something special about being able to do band portraiture.  It’s really an awesome thing to get to photograph these people who sing, and perform.  They are naturally pretty amazing in front of the camera, and they usually come with something special as far as a ‘look’ goes.   This band was no different.  Daniel, and Ryan are truly amazing artists, and I’m honestly so hap

New York Portrait Photographer { Symantha Country Music Shoot }

Oye it’s been a while, but I’ve been so busy planning my own wedding it’s a bit hard to shoot other peoples weddings/engagements/portraits.  These shots are from a bit ago, and I’m stoked to finally get to post them.  I had a total blast on this shoot with Symantha.  She came to me wanting some nice portraits for her website/promotional stuff.  She’s a country music singer and wanted a bit of a country look to her portrait session.  I”m not gonna lie, this isn’t the majority of my work.  I mainly do a downtown feel.  I’m an urban guy, and I certainly know the urban scene, and I have an urban eye.  But every time I step out of my comfort zone I l

New York Photographers { Little bit of Winter Sun }

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Well I guess winter finally decided to show up.  It’s amazing how quickly the weather can change here in Czech Republic.  I love the weather here in New York 90% of the time.  But when it gets below 0,  that’s when it’s just a bit too cold for me.  I can only handle so much cold, and that’s just too much cold for me.  I also have managed to get a bit of a cold, which kinda sucks because I’ve really wanted to work on some photography lately.  I think by me working on SEO so much l