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Yuki @ Bellona Modeling Agency { Denver Headshot Photographer }

  Here are some more shots that I did while I was in tokyo.  This fantastic model is Yuki.  She was a total blast to work with.  Again I was so sad that I couldn’t speak japanese, because I could tell she had a super fun personality.  When she wasn’t busy looking absolutely gorgeous, she […]

Yurina in Japan for HUF magazine { Denver Headshot Photographer }

  Well I finally get to start posting some of my images from Japan.  This trip was quite possibly one of the most life changing trips I’ve ever taken.  Not only was it a ton of fun, but I came away with 3 editorials that I’m truly proud of.  It’s crazy to realize how far […]

10 Tips for a Killer Headshot { Denver Photography }

  So you want to get a killer headshot.  Here’s 10 things you can do before and during your shoot to ensure you come away with something that you will completely love. I know it might sound simple, but if you’re well rested it will certainly read in your shots.  Your eyes will be less […]

Headshot Photographer in Denver { Heidi }

  These shots sure were fun.  Heidi is a great local Denver model.  She’s been a model for Donna Baldwin for just a little while, but already she’s had some pretty big gigs.  She was a blast to work with with, and I think we got some killer shots.  It sure was fun working with […]

Denver Corporate Headshot Photographer { Alyssa }

  Here are some shots I did with a local Donna Baldwin Model Alyssa.  Man was she great to work with.  She moved really well, and had a fantastic look to her.  We had a ton of fun shooting together.  We wanted to put some great stuff into her portfolio to make her a bit […]
Find me on Google+ You can see some of my commercial work here, if you're looking for killer headshots, or maybe just a new take on the company profile take a look here:

Corporate Headshots

I also do quite a bit of editorial work in Denver. I've shot editorials for major magazines and I know what it takes to send a great editorial over the top, with killer images.

Denver Editorial Photographer

Commercial Photography

Well it's certainly been a crazy ride on this whole photography thing. My first client was a building downtown. Now while I was only tasked with taking pictures of the building, I learned early on that pleasing your client is of utmost importance. I took that first commercial gig as an opportunity to wow my client. I gave them shots that went above and beyond what they asked for. Initially they just wanted images that captured the building, but I took the time to stay late, and get really amazing images with a long shutter at night. This gave them a modern feel, and captured a bit of that city aspect. That's what I love about photography something can change so drastically from moment to moment. Sunlit, or at night, it's wildly different.


After that first client, I started taking portraits, and that's where I truly fell in love. I loved hearing peoples stories, and trying to capture those on film. It's not an easy task, or one that I take lightly. It can take a few moments to get to know someone or a whole session. Either way it's a valuable part of any shoot. Learning about the person allows you to capture something deeper in their person. It allows you to peer past whatever shell they have up, and capture that inner person.

Senior Portraits

Engagement Photography

After I cut my teeth on some portraits of some friends, I wanted to try my hand at more commercial portraiture. I started shooting engagements. I was so excited to capture people in one of their happiest moments. Now that's not to say everyone is happy on their engagement session. No quite the contrary. I think some people learn that marriage isn't going to be as easy as they think it might on their engagement shoot. It's stressful, girls want to look their best for the camera, and guys,... well most of them don't care. Which certainly plays into watching some interesting dynamics. Now my job as a photographer is to capture them in spite of their feelings at that particular moment. Sometimes it even works out for the best when couples make up on a shoot.

Wedding Photography

Next I started shooting weddings. And boy was that an eye opener. I had always assumed that shooting weddings was easy, I mean how hard could it possibly be. I found out quite quickly that it's extremely hard. It's a long day, lots of emotion, high stress workplace. After a day of shooting a wedding I always feel like I had the crap kicked out of me. Now I absolutely love how great everyone looks, and that I get to capture images on that important day, but it's certainly stressful. I think any wedding photographer that doesn't take that seriously has either been shooting too long, or not long enough.

Food Photography

After I started shooting weddings I had the confidence to move my photography into other areas. The first up was food. Which I do love in it's own way. Now food doesn't have emotion, but it's nice to shoot something that doesn't move for a change. Normally I still get to do portraits when I shoot food, so I get to still hear the story behind the food. Sometimes the chef's are even more interesting than the food. They have back stories that are usually more interesting than a lot of people. One thing I've learned from taking portraits of chefs is that they had to work hard to get to the point where a professional photographer is taking their portraits. Basically the service industry is hard.

Corprate Headshots

Corporate Headshots

Then I started getting more business clients. People who wanted head shots for their linkedin profile. Really interesting people. Some of them are just moving up, some of them have been at the top for years. It's always interesting seeing the different personalities that come when you've been running major companies. Sometimes shy in front of the camera, sometimes gruff, sometimes warmer than you would think. See what I mean I love hearing peoples stories. You can check out my commercial photography work here. I've always actually loved having these kinds of business clients. They can turn out to be great contacts, combined with the fact that they're just generally cool and interesting people. I've shot everyone from CEO's to CFO's, and oil tycoons and everything in between. I do actually really love taking someone who doesn't think they're very good in front of a camera, and taking a beautiful photograph of them, and showing them how awesome they can truly be. These people are my bread and butter. They work very hard at their jobs, and I get to show off their best side. I've been doing headshots since I can remember, and I couldn't imagine a better way to interact with people around town.

Fashion Photography

Last up was Fashion. My love. My one true love. Oh if I could just shoot fashion all day that would make me happy. I can't imagine a world where I'm not shooting fashion. It's really where my passion lies. Fashion allows me to still shoot characters, only their my characters. They're the characters that I dream up. In clothes that I pick, and models that I pick, lighting that I choose, backdrops, post. It's all in my control. Whatever story I want to tell that week I can tell it. I still get to meet people, and interact with them, but at the end of the day it's my vision. It's the vision I create that will be the final image. Now I still need to keep my client in mind, but they hired me because they want me to produce my vision in a new incarnation. That's a powerful endorsement. We like what you've done creatively so do it again! That's awesome, and anytime I book a fashion client it feels like approval of what I'm doing with my work.

Editorial Photography

I have to say when I first started I didn't think I'd ever be an editorial photographer, but as time went on I wanted to shoot more editorials. They are so interesting to me, because you have a chance to tell a story with your images. At first I have to say I didn't have many stories to tell, but over time, I realized that I was telling a story, I just wasn't putting them into editorials like I should be. After a while i realized that I should work on more. I started off working with just one model on a simple editorial about light. She was so great at moving that I knew that I had to capture her movement. From there it's been a rollercoaster of editorials. I created one that was the story of two runaways. Something that I always had in my head, initially though I simply didn't have the talent to pull off the shot that I had in my head. Once I had the talent though it was game over. Since then I've done all sorts of different editorials. Ones on film that I developed myself to spreads for major magazines. And while those spreads are wildly nerve racking they certainly do push me into new and uncharted territory. These shoots teach me that I still have a lot to learn with my photography and lots of new stories to tell with my photography. Something I'm super excited to be doing.

Denver Modeling Agency

I also work with all the major modeling agencies here in Denver. I'm an agency approved photographer in this area. I've been getting killer shots for all the girls at these agencies for years. You can see my work on the cover of most of the girls at the major ones.

When I started shooting for the agencies, I was mostly doing test work. Now I'm one of the photographers these agencies go to on a regular basis. Working with all the different modeling agencies, and their booking agents has me more in tune with what a booking agent is looking for. I can get you great shots that will be used for comp cards, headshots, or your entire book. It's taken me years to build up my relationships with the major modeling agencies in town, something that I really do enjoy doing.

I shoots on location and at a professional photography studio located in Downtown Denver.

You can also check out my commercial photography here

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