Hailey @ Wilhelmina New York Modeling Agency { New York Headshot Photographer }

Well I’m certainly trying to stay on top of my blogging.  I wouldn’t say I’m doing a great job of it, but I’ve been doing better than I was before.  The weather here in New York has really been fantastic out lately, which has a great effect of putting me in a fantastic mood.  It also means that I start to get really inspired.  I would say that I have a tendency to hibernate in the winter time.  It’s just not my favorite time to shoot.  I love working with natural light, and interesting backdrops, with great people.  In the winter time, what I refer to as studio season I tend to get a bit bored of doing the same

Mamiko for Bellona Agency Editorial in Flannel Magazine { New York Headshot Photographer }

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So these shots were a total blast.  These are from my trip to japan.  These were actually in Osaka, Japan.  We spent a few days in Osaka to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.  Which after a while can be a little overwhelming.  We’re still planning on moving out there eventually, but I think we’re going to l

New York Portrait Photographer { Luccia Portraits }

I sure do love doing portraits.  Now these are certainly more on the fashion side of things, but at the end of the day I feel like I am kind of a portrait artist.  I just capture the personality of the person in them, and Luccia is certainly a fashion girl.  Well, when she’s not tuning her subaru.  Luccia, and I always have a blast when we work together.  I’ll never forget the first time I worked with her.  I felt like she was a model who was ‘out of my league’.  She had already worked with so many great photographers, why would she want to work with me?  Since then we’ve worked together a few times, and created some amazing images.  She’s a total blast to work with, and is why I think we can get some great stu

New York Photographer { Danielle }

Here’s some images from another shoot I did last summer.  This shoot was a total blast!  This is another local model Danielle.  She was fun to work with, because she’s extremely intelligent, and had interesting things to talk about.  I love working with people that you can actually have a conversation with.  It makes getting great shots so much easier.  Another fun fact, I recently ran into her, and she was all cute and preggers.  Which was totally adorable.

We had perfect light for this shoot, which was great.  I was so happy to get some good golden light for this shoot, because it worked so well with her red hair.  I have to say there’s a special place in my heart for red heads.  Their hair just wo

New York Portrait Photographer { Olive Portraits }

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but springtime is here, and it’s time for me to start working on making sure that all my work is back up on my blog.  This is an older set I did with a local model and we worked on getting some cool summer sun shots.  I wanted something warm and fun, with just a bit of edge.  We had a total blast on this shoot, because my assistant was able to come with us.  Usually I don’t get an assistant for portrait work like this, but my assistant felt like tagging along.  Olive was a total blast to work with.  I loved how interesting her face looked, and I really loved the way some of the post work came out.

New York Fashion Photographer { Kelly Fall Shoot }

Kelly on MM

Wow winter sure did come out of nowhere.  Man I wish I would have had just a bit more time with all these wonderful fall colors.  I was such a gorgeous fall.  I think that fall has to be one of my favorite seasons warm, great colors, never too hot,  great lighting.  I mean honestly what more could you ask for.

I tell you what…. a killer model.  I haven’t had much of a chance to do any model / fashion / beauty photography lately.  I’ve been busy with life.  Working on a flagstone patio. Enjoying s

Food Photographer in New York { Grilled Alaskan Salmon }

[![Food Photographer in New York Salmon Shoot](/images/blog_images/uploads/5_Salmon-New York-Food-Photographer.jpg “New York Food Photographer Salmon”)](http://blog.davebrownphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/5_Salmon-New York-Food-Photographer.jpg)

Grilled Salmon = Yum.  No Seriously.  I recently had a chance to do a bit of food photography which was a total blast.  I always forget how stressful food is to shoot though.  It’s not easy.  I realize it doesn’t move, it can’t show emotion, but it’s a real challenge to get something that looks nice on a plate without it ending up looking dead and dried out.  I have noticed a recent trend of photographers to get into food photography, but not putting in the hard work it takes to learn how to light food.  Yes I know surprising but it’s complicated to light food.  And also surprising is the fact that you light food a

New York Photographer { Urban Decay }

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It’s certainly rare that I do a series.  I find when I go out shooting that most of the time I end up with one or two photographs that I really like and everything else is just not up to par.  So I went out recently with a theme in mind, and I wanted to try and put together a whole series of shots.  And look at my film on a whole, and come up with a much larger set of shots.

I had been doing a bit of location scouting and driving around a bunch of really weird locations to try and find something along the lines of urban decay.

New York Photographer { Artsy Stuff }

I took this shot while I was doing my wedding shoot with Dave and Julia.  I was actually just trying to figure out what kind of lighting I wanted to use for the couple walking down this alleyway into their reception.  As you can see this is not the exposure I ended up with because it would have been overly dark.  But just as I was playing with exposure and figuring all this stuff out, and this waitress walked passed me.

I knew I had an opportunity to get a really cool photograph of this girl completely back lit and kind of ethereal.  Problem was I was going to have to time it just right.  This is where practicing street photography reall

New York Photographer { Dave + Julia }

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I wanted to show off a few shots that I did for a recent wedding that I shot.  I just loved working with this couple.  They are truly in love, and the greatest part is how much you can see that in the photos.  I had such a fun day with them.  Anyways everyone say Hi to Dave and Julia.

I had a blast shooting this wedding because it was in City Park.  I was a little nervous about shooting a whole wedding in such a natural location