Matt Julius working on his modeling Portfolio { Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer }

Well I’ve been  trying to stay on top of blogging lately.  We’ve been having a lot of fun around the house lately.  I’ve really been enjoying the down time around here.  I spent a week in austin a few weeks ago, and after that, I’ve been able to take some more time for myself.  Which is great, because while I’ve been booking less work lately, they’ve been a bit more well paid, which means I can take more time on my clients and that’s something that I really love.

Overall I’ve been really happy with my work lately.  I do kinda have the feeling that I’ve hit another plateau, at the same time the effort it’s going to take to move m

Playing around with my food photography again Hudson Valley Food Photographer

I’ve been trying to branch out a little bit with my photography work lately.  At the end of the day I’m still a portrait artist.  That will always be my number one passion, but if I’m going to make a real run at photography then I need to diversify a bit.  It’s a hard business out there, and the more avenues I have for making money, the better.  Of course it’s not 100% just about money, the areas that I’m branching into are also areas that I love as well.

In a lot of ways I grew up a cook, and at various points in my life I’ve seriously considered going to culinary school.  Cooking for a living is probably on par with the level of difficulty as being a photographer.  Th

Headshot Photographer in Hudson Valley { Heidi }

First off if you’re looking for a [Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer]( Valley-Headshot-Photographer.aspx “Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer”) you can check out my portfolio here.

These shots sure were fun.  Heidi is a great local Hudson Valley model.  She’s been a model for Donna Baldwin for just a little while, but already she’s had some pretty big gigs.  She was a blast to work with with, and I think we got some killer shots.  It sure was fun working with her pretty face.  These kinds of headshots are my bread and butter, and wh

Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer { Jackie }

Here’s some more shots that I did this summer with a local Hudson Valley agency model, Jacqueline.  She was a blast to work with.  And the whole time I managed to tease her about the fact that I thought because her name was Jacqueline, that she was clearly french.  So I talked to her in a joking french accent for most of our shoot.  Luckily she was a good sport about it.  We had a ton of fun on this shoot.  We ended up doing a pretty early morning shoot, as I think she was busy with a ton of things around this time.  This was right around the time that she took a trip out to Hudson Valley, to work with some of the great photographers out there.  Which was h

Hudson Valley Actor Headshot Photographer { Chrissy }

I had the opportunity to shoot some headshots for miss Chrissy a couple weeks ago.  She’s actually [Chucks]( Valley-headshot-photographer-chuck/ “Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer { Chuck }”) wife.  Which was a ton of fun, because I really just enjoyed being around their energy.  They’re a hilarious couple.  Chrissy is super goofy, which probably explains why she came to me for headshots.  She’s been working with an improv crew lately, and wanted to get some nice headshots for their promotional material.  Honestly, I’m suprised Chrissy didn’t do this kind of stuff sooner, she’s hilarious, and she always has been.

For these

Lindsey Vonn Editorial and Cover for Rhapsody Magazine

So this was certainly one of the bigger shoots that I did this year.  This was a full team effort, and I was so happy to get the chance to shoot a cover for a major publication like this.  Even better they wanted me to shoot a fashion editorial for the inside of the magazine.  This shoot was certainly intense for me.  I knew the creative director was going to be on set that day.  Not like that’s something new, but it always adds a bit of pressure when your client is right there with you on the shoot.  In reality he was awesome, and was extremely helpful on the shoot.  He had a real vision for what he wanted out of the shots, and he was helping us the whole time.

We started off the morning getting up super early a

Jillian Voege Model Portfolio Work

I recently did some test work for Wilhelmina Hudson Valley.  Everyone say hi to Jillian.  This was a pretty standard test shoot.  We wanted to get some good simple shots that could really add something special to her portfolio.  We actually setup this shoot pretty quickly.  I knew some great places around my studio that had fantastic light, and a few interesting features.  It allowed me to get some great shots for Jillian.  Jillian was a breeze to work with, super easy to pose, and I loved the emotions that she had on her face.  It was fun to work with her for sure.

Hudson Valley Engagement Photography { Rosie and Eric }

It’s been a while since I’ve put an engagement shoot up on the blog.  This one was from a while ago.  This cute couple is rosie and eric, and they were a blast to shoot.  They were just to embark on some major life changes too.  Rosie wanted to be a vet… but here’s the kicker she wanted to go to school out in scottland!  Pretty cool huh?  Yeah so these guys decided to get married in czech republic before they moved all the way out there.

They were a total blast to hang out with, Eric who’s a local barber had some really fun stories to tell about all his interesting clients.  And we just so happened to have perfect light for this day.  And I was able to capture some great images for these guys.  It’s fun when

Collabo Night Hudson Valley Photographer

So I never really got a chance to write up something for these shots.  This shoot was a total, blast, and I got to work with some of my favorite people in the industry around here.  We had a big collaboration night at one of my buddies studio spaces.  It was great getting a ton of creative people together in a room to create some amazing art.  Yes there was a bit of booze involved, but it was all in good fun.  The models that we had on set that night were fantastic.  This first one is Manda, and she’s one of my all time favorites, everytime we work together we end up getting some great work together.  We even had some ruckus apparel to use for this shoot, which was fun, and those guys are pretty awesome

Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer { Channelle }

Look at me being better about doing writups on my blog.  All of these images were shot last springtime, but that’s just how far behind on blogging I am.  It’s terrible, I never know what to write about, and I end up yammering on about how much I miss the springtime/summertime.  But yeah the summer has finally come.  Well spring I guess.  And I couldn’t be more excited to get some great shots done this time of year.   I’ve got a bunch of shoots lined up that I’m super excited for.  I want to make this the year that some of my model portfolio headshots make it into a major agency book.  The hard part about that, is that I’ll have to actually start making it out to L.A. or SF more this year.  I don’t think that w