New York Fashion Beauty Photographer { Savannah In the Studio}

It’s pretty rare for me to shoot beauty.  I can do it, but I don’t typically.  I guess I just don’t have a client base that usually needs beauty.  If anyone knows a beauty company in New York that needs work done, I’d love to put together a shoot, but I think it’s pretty rare in these parts.

This shoot was actually a ton of fun.  Me and my studio mate really wanted to figure out a very specific kind of lighting setup.  Which isn’t pictured here. In the end Lynzi did most of the shooting, and I just came in at the end because I wanted to get at least one good beauty shot before we all left the studio.  For this shot I went with something very simple.  I believe it was just a softbox off to camera

April 2nd 2021

Olive @ Wilhelmina

Olive @ Wilhelmina

I really loved working on this shoot. We basically just wanted to capture some of that great summer bohemian look. This was another quick shoot. Really simple looks, and nothing complicated. I also wanted to work some more with doing light leaks and some free lensing on this shoot.

I had found Olive on facebook, and I knew she would be perfect for what I had in mind. Not like this is some super crazy editorial. This was just fun creative work. Nothing crazy, super low key kind of work. It’s nice to have those kinds of shoots every once in a while to recharge the batteries.

I think any photographer knows that you can certainly get burned out quickly especially if it’s a lot of high stress gigs. They actually tak

New York Portrait Photographer Manda Lee in Stilo Magazine

You know it’s kinda sad, you work so hard on putting together an editorial, and then so many of the images don’t end up making it into your portfolio.  They might be good, but they’re not as great as the other images.  I don’t even usually end up posting them to facebook like I should.  It takes so long for the editorial to come out, and then by the time the editorial comes out, you’re a bit tired of looking at the images.  That and I’ve been really annoyed with facebook lately.  They changed the way that they show followers your images which means that my photography doesn’t get seen by all the people who have liked my page.  It’s frustrating, and seriously depressing.  You work so hard to build a following on

New York Photographer { Danielle }

Here’s some images from another shoot I did last summer.  This shoot was a total blast!  This is another local model Danielle.  She was fun to work with, because she’s extremely intelligent, and had interesting things to talk about.  I love working with people that you can actually have a conversation with.  It makes getting great shots so much easier.  Another fun fact, I recently ran into her, and she was all cute and preggers.  Which was totally adorable.

We had perfect light for this shoot, which was great.  I was so happy to get some good golden light for this shoot, because it worked so well with her red hair.  I have to say there’s a special place in my heart for red heads.  Their hair just wo

Collabo Night New York Photographer

So I never really got a chance to write up something for these shots.  This shoot was a total, blast, and I got to work with some of my favorite people in the industry around here.  We had a big collaboration night at one of my buddies studio spaces.  It was great getting a ton of creative people together in a room to create some amazing art.  Yes there was a bit of booze involved, but it was all in good fun.  The models that we had on set that night were fantastic.  This first one is Manda, and she’s one of my all time favorites, everytime we work together we end up getting some great work together.  We even had some ruckus apparel to use for this shoot, which was fun, and those guys are pretty awesome

New York Headshot Photographer { Channelle }

Look at me being better about doing writups on my blog.  All of these images were shot last springtime, but that’s just how far behind on blogging I am.  It’s terrible, I never know what to write about, and I end up yammering on about how much I miss the springtime/summertime.  But yeah the summer has finally come.  Well spring I guess.  And I couldn’t be more excited to get some great shots done this time of year.   I’ve got a bunch of shoots lined up that I’m super excited for.  I want to make this the year that some of my model portfolio headshots make it into a major agency book.  The hard part about that, is that I’ll have to actually start making it out to L.A. or SF more this year.  I don’t think that w

New York Portrait Photographer { Charmaine Model Portfolio Work }

Well these shots are a bit old, but I never put them on the blog.  These are shots from my shoot with Charmaine down in Austin.  I normally work in New York, but on occasion I get to travel down to Austin, and it’s always a blast to get a chance to work with this girl when I get down there.  I’d like to say that I’m a fashion photographer, but these are a good example of the fact that I really like capturing someone’s portrait.  Honestly, it’s like I’m a fashion photographer that likes getting to know the models that I work with.  I know that sounds strange, but when you have a connection with your model, the shots yo

New York Fashion Photography { Fashion Shoot for Wilhelmina Model Sarah Weeks }

Well if you can’t tell I’ve been trying to catch up on all my blogging lately.  It’s about time I start taking my blogging more seriously, as it certainly does affect how my website performs.  This time I’m going to talk through a portfolio session I put together for one of the local new york models sarah weeks.  She currently works with wilhelmina here in New York, which is an awesome agency, and I was happy to get a chance to shoot her.  She was super easy to work with, and I feel like we got some great shots.  Shots that show a bit of emotion, and something dynamic for Sarah.

New York Engagement Photography { Jess and Liam }

Well it’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted any engagement work up on my blog.  I’ve been so busy with the other sides of my business it’s been a challenge to find time to do the engagement work that I love doing.  I got a great chance to go out to San Francisco and photograph this wonderful couple.  They were truly special to work with, and I was really happy with the way the images came out.  Be sure to inquire about my rates if you’re interested in my engagement photography.

New York Portrait Photographer { Brandi Senior Shots }

I took a nice little hiatus this summer with my wedding, my honeymoon and all sorts of other wild and crazy things that were going on this summer.  I did however get the chance to do some senior portraits for my new cousin in law, who by the way, is a total doll.  I don’t really do a ton of senior portraits, but of course I love portrait work.  I also got a chance to learn a ton about my new cousin in law.  She’s interested in acting, and she really wants to go out to NYU for college.

As it’s not really my style I decided not to do any of the shots where she leaned her head on a fake tree.  I tried to do my best to take her senior shots in a more fashion, and edgy direction.