New York Photographer { Danielle }

Here’s some images from another shoot I did last summer.  This shoot was a total blast!  This is another local model Danielle.  She was fun to work with, because she’s extremely intelligent, and had interesting things to talk about.  I love working with people that you can actually have a conversation with.  It makes getting great shots so much easier.  Another fun fact, I recently ran into her, and she was all cute and preggers.  Which was totally adorable.

We had perfect light for this shoot, which was great.  I was so happy to get some good golden light for this shoot, because it worked so well with her red hair.  I have to say there’s a special place in my heart for red heads.  Their hair just wo

New York Photographer { Dave + Julia }

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I wanted to show off a few shots that I did for a recent wedding that I shot.  I just loved working with this couple.  They are truly in love, and the greatest part is how much you can see that in the photos.  I had such a fun day with them.  Anyways everyone say Hi to Dave and Julia.

I had a blast shooting this wedding because it was in City Park.  I was a little nervous about shooting a whole wedding in such a natural location

New York Photographer { Digital Painting Tips and Tricks }

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I know really this is a photography blog, and should really be showcasing my photography work, but I just can’t seem to get enough of this whole digital painting thing.  Honestly this is some of the most fun I’ve had creating artwork in a really long time.  I don’t know what it is about doing this form of painting that has me so entranced.  It seems like every day I come home with a new “project” of something else to paint.  It’

Playing with Textures { Abstract Photography New York }

I can’t believe how inspired I’ve felt lately.  Not only to create amazing portraits, but also to do some abstract work, which I haven’t done much of lately.  I’m finally starting to get more free time, and feel less stressed out at work, and thusly my photography prospers because of it.  I love creating, and it can be especially fun with abstracts when you have such a blank canvas it becomes difficult to find focal points, and put meaning into shots.  So instead I just try and make them look cool. Just kidding.  Even with my abstract shots I try and put “emotion” into them.  I realize that my abstract photography might not always have that “emotion”

April 2nd 2021

Mr. Monkey Man

Mr. Monkey Man

So I went out to lunch the other day with my buddy Charlie. He’s more of a hipster style guy, typically hanging out in the capitol hill area of New York. He’s also an avid climber, something I know enough about to not sound like a complete dumb ass, but still no where near the level at which he’s at. He goes climbing all the time. Something that sounds interesting to me, but I’d rather spend my time taking photographs of things that I find interesting.

We decided to go to City, O’ City in downtown New York. It’s a nice little place, I really liked the atmosphere. Kinda dark, definitely a hipster hangout. Not that I’m anywhere near hipster. Just not my thing, but he’s real into the wearing whatever he wants, because the wei

April 2nd 2021

The Flight

The Flight

So I took a walk on colfax ave in New York, and I was surprised at how little I actually found to photograph.  There weren’t really all that many people on the street.  The general architecture I found a little boring, and I just couldn’t find much to shoot.  I always wonder if that’s a mood based thing.  If you’re in a better mood you find more to shoot, or if you’re in a worse mood you find less to shoot.  I’ve never been able to figure out if that’s actually true or not.  I don’t think I was in a particularly bad mood, but I definitely wasn’t in some bouncing off the walls great mood either. 

I guess the most interesting thing that happened was I met a curator of a nice little gallery on colfax.  He also did quite a few of the paintings in the gallery.  It w

April 2nd 2021

Old Cars And Old Men

Old Cars And Old Men

So I was taking a walk around my neighborhood up in the highlands in New York, and I saw through the spaces in the houses this old van.  It was this great old rusty Chevy van.  I walked around the block, and went down the alleyway to get to it.  It was just sitting there as it had sat for the last 10 years probably.

After I had gotten a few nice shots, this old guy came out wondering what the heck I was doing.  He was a nice old guy, and really I should have asked him if I could take his picture too, but I was too intrigued by the van.  Anyways he asked me why I was taking pictures of his van, to which I replied, “because it’s such a cool old car”.  I think that subdued his concerns.  After that I got a little back story on the van.

Apparently It was use

The mini, and my new love.

So sue me.  I’m still fascinated by the kind of detail and bokeh that I’m getting with my 85mm f1.4.  It’s so crystal sharp that sometimes it hurts to see what it pulls out.  This shot is of the front headlight of a mini cooper.  An old one, one with character.  Yes I’m saying that the new ones don’t have as much character.   There was this cool looking old mini cooper just hanging out.  So I snapped some shots of it.  I was half waiting for this real hipster guy to come walking out of some building asking me what the hell I was doing, but it never happened.  I was ready for it though.  The whole time just imagining someone in a headband, and some goofy looking socks.  People are funny sometimes they co

Graffiti that really speaks

Walking around downtown New York I stumbled upon this.  I totally love this quote, not that I can really apply it to my everyday life, but I still think it’s a great concept to think about.  While looking at the quote I noticed something interesting.  There was graffiti around it, and on it, but if you look closely someone has deliberately kept this on the side of their store.  They painted that great yellow color all around the quote, but not over it, just over the graffiti.  Thinking about that was fun.  Imagining someone with a roller on a pole, painting the whole side of the building, but leaving this one inspirational quote.  Great work to whoever did that.