The mini, and my new love.

April 2nd 2021
The mini, and my new love.

mini cooper detail

So sue me.  I’m still fascinated by the kind of detail and bokeh that I’m getting with my 85mm f1.4.  It’s so crystal sharp that sometimes it hurts to see what it pulls out.  This shot is of the front headlight of a mini cooper.  An old one, one with character.  Yes I’m saying that the new ones don’t have as much character.   There was this cool looking old mini cooper just hanging out.  So I snapped some shots of it.  I was half waiting for this real hipster guy to come walking out of some building asking me what the hell I was doing, but it never happened.  I was ready for it though.  The whole time just imagining someone in a headband, and some goofy looking socks.  People are funny sometimes they co

uld care less what you’re taking photographs of, and other times, it’s a BIG deal. 

Lately I’ve been getting paranoid about walking around downtown New York with my camera.  What if someone steals it? Oye veh…and no I don’t have any idea how to spell that.