Andrea for Midikenn Zagreb { Professional Model Photographer Praha }

So part of our deal with moving to the czech republic was that we had to deal with a whole host of visa situations.  That meant that when we got married in iceland, and honeymooned in estonia, that counted towards our schengen time.  Which was certainly a bummer, but that meant that while we were waiting for our visas to be approved, we couldn’t wait in the czech republic.  Instead we had to leave the schengen area.  So we decided to take a trip to croatia.  I couldn’t be happier that we did.  Croatia is a beautiful country, filled with wonderful people.  I hadn’t really ever thought that I would be so interested in croatia, but it’s crazy how different the people are there.  Everyone is super

Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer { Channelle }

Look at me being better about doing writups on my blog.  All of these images were shot last springtime, but that’s just how far behind on blogging I am.  It’s terrible, I never know what to write about, and I end up yammering on about how much I miss the springtime/summertime.  But yeah the summer has finally come.  Well spring I guess.  And I couldn’t be more excited to get some great shots done this time of year.   I’ve got a bunch of shoots lined up that I’m super excited for.  I want to make this the year that some of my model portfolio headshots make it into a major agency book.  The hard part about that, is that I’ll have to actually start making it out to L.A. or SF more this year.  I don’t think that w

Fashion Photographer in Hudson Valleyl Luccia Portfolio Session

Well if you guys can’t tell, I’m really into my fashion photography lately.  I’ve been putting a ton of effort into both learning and growing as an artist.  For those of you who don’t know, when I got into photography this was what I aspired to do.  And while it probably won’t ever pay the bills, it will remain to be a part of my artistic being.  I can’t tell you how giddy and excited I get by this style of portrait work.

I say portrait work because to me, I’m so interested in capturing an emotion in the moment of the shot.  I love that feeling that you’re peering through a window that maybe you shouldn’t be.  That you’ve caught some interesting precipito

Hudson Valley Photographer { Austin Summer Fun }

Alright Alright it might not actually be summer in Austin.  But it practically is.  Ok maybe not the blistering heat, but damn this Czech Republic boy was a bit warm.  I recently took a trip down to Austin for some business, and man did I have fun.  70 degrees, day or night.  It was so weird walking outside at night and it being warm.  Totally crazy!  I also got just a small chance to do a bit of photography while I was down there.

By the way the first shot was shot while I was getting lectured on the street by some guy about how I shouldn’t use my on camera flash for anything. Ever.  Look I’ll give you that the on camera flash is piss poor for portraits, and most other situati

Photographer in Hudson Valley { Austin City Lights }

I took a recent business trip to Austin, and man did I have fun.  My company was recently acquired, and due to this acquisition, I’m going to get a chance to travel a bit more.  Now in most circumstances traveling for work sounds like a big pain, but I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to go to some other spots, and it’s cool that it’s on the company dime.  Now I don’t exactly get to do portrait photography when I go out to these places, which is certainly a bummer, but I at least usually ge

Hudson Valley Photographer { Commercial Business Headshots Dr. Gendel }

First off if you’re looking for a Hudson Valley Photographer check out my main website.

I recently had a chance to do some head-shots for a local psychiatrist for use on some local publications.  I really loved being able to learn from the experience and have a good chance to show off a few different ways in which you can get a business portrait, and some ways where you can make your head shots really pop.

I think my first caveat to getting some great business head shots is to make sure that you are using good off camera lighting.  Without off camera lighting you’re not going to get that nice soft light that

Engagement Photographer Hudson Valley { Jenna + Ross }

First off if you’re looking for an engagement photographer take a look at my [engagement photography Hudson Valley]( Valley-Engagement-Photographer.aspx) portfolio.

Well I certainly am a little late in getting their shots up on my blog.  I’ve just been so busy with a ton of other things that I really haven’t had time to blog even when I want to.  Here’s my nice down to earth couple of the season.  Totally chill, no heels kinda girl.  I can certainly appreciate that.  Everyone say Hi to Jenna and Ross.

I actually did their shoot almost a month ago, but I haven’t had time to write about it, because I’ve been really busy at work lately.  I ended up going on a big trip to Vegas, for work, which ha

Hudson Valley Photographer { Dave + Julia }

First off if you’re looking for a Hudson Valley wedding photographer take a look at my [Hudson Valley wedding photographer]( Valley-Wedding-Photographer.aspx “Wedding Photographer Hudson Valley”) portfolio.

I wanted to show off a few shots that I did for a recent wedding that I shot.  I just loved working with this couple.  They are truly in love, and the greatest part is how much you can see that in the photos.  I had such a fun day with them.  Anyways everyone say Hi to Dave and Julia.

I had a blast shooting this wedding because it was in City Park.  I was a little nervous about shooting a whole wedding in such a natural location

Engagement Photographer Hudson Valley { Candice and Grafton }

First off if you’re looking for an engagement photographer take a look at my [Hudson Valley engagement photographer]( Valley-Engagement-Photographer.aspx “Engagement Photography Hudson Valley”) portfolio.

Well it certainly has been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been really busy with other little projects, and I’ve been in my own little bubble coming up for air here and there for some engagement photography shoots.  Everyone say Hi to Candice and Grafton.  This cute couple is from the wonderful state of Texas.  They are a great pair together.  Plenty of laughs, loving life, and each

Hudson Valley Photographer { New Photoshop Mixer Brushes }

So I recently bought one of those Wacom pen tablets.  I really wish I would have done it sooner.  It has been so much fun playing with this thing!  I love how I can make really awesome looking brush strokes on a digital canvas.  It’s totally wild.  Now I do have the advantage of using photoshop CS5’s new Mixer brushes, and I have to say I’m totally amazed by how great they look.  Honestly it’s like painting with a real brush in your hand.  It does take a little getting use to with the whole hand eye coordination of making strokes on something below the screen while watching it happen on your monitor.  Sadly I’ve been too busy playing with digital painting to try my hand at some really