5 Tips to get the corporate headshot that lands you your next gig Hudson Valley Photographer

It’s actually pretty easy to find a photographer that will take a headshot for you.  They’re everywhere.  The question is whether or not they’re good enough to capture who you are in a single shot, and edit it to look fantastic, professional.  Is it going to be good enough for you to land your next big gig?  Here’s 5 tips to help you get the best out of your headshot session so you can come away with some amazing shots.

1. Don’t Drink

It’s funny how much this comes up.  Either clients come in slightly hungover, or to take the edge off and nervousness they come in having had a few mimosas, or maybe a shot or two of tequila.  I get it, most people are nervous when they’re getting their picture taken.  Th

5 Tips to make sure you end up with a Fantastic Acting Headshot Hudson Valley Photographer

1.  Personality! And lots of it!

The best way to show a casting director how great of an actor you are is by showing that in the pictures.  Think of the roles you want to play, and how you can put yourself into a version of that person in the headshot.  Of course you don’t want to specialize too much though.  Think of it more in generalities.  If you want to play more ‘pants roles’ maybe you should come with an outfit that might play to that a little bit.  You don’t want to go on full out androgynous.  It’s harder for people to imagine you in much else if you do that.

2. Keep Your outfit simple.

You want the main focus to be you, and more specifically your face.  If there’s lot of busy patterns,

Matt Julius working on his modeling Portfolio { Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer }

Well I’ve been  trying to stay on top of blogging lately.  We’ve been having a lot of fun around the house lately.  I’ve really been enjoying the down time around here.  I spent a week in austin a few weeks ago, and after that, I’ve been able to take some more time for myself.  Which is great, because while I’ve been booking less work lately, they’ve been a bit more well paid, which means I can take more time on my clients and that’s something that I really love.

Overall I’ve been really happy with my work lately.  I do kinda have the feeling that I’ve hit another plateau, at the same time the effort it’s going to take to move m

Masterpiece Deli Food Shoot { Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer }

I had a great opportunity to work with the guys over at Masterpiece Deli, who are putting together some really great sandwiches, with fresh and creative ingredients.  Although that’s not all they’re cooking.  They also have some great breakfast options.  I went  out there to shoot some of their other menu items.  It was fun because I had a chance to work Justin again, which was great, because I really like working with Justin.  Again, it’s just so much fun working with someone who’s passionate about what they do.

For this first shot up there, Justin put together some great salads, and even included some of his bacon from the Hudson Valley Bacon Company.  I really liked how we squared all of the

Americann with Tim and Ben { Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer }

First off if you’re looking to get a great [corporate headshot](http://www.davebrownphotography.com/Hudson Valley-Headshot-Photographer.aspx) you should check out my portfolio. While I mostly shoot fashion, I love taking my lighting skills to a headshot shoot to create something you wouldn’t be able to get from another photographer.

I had the opportunity t