The mini, and my new love.

So sue me.  I’m still fascinated by the kind of detail and bokeh that I’m getting with my 85mm f1.4.  It’s so crystal sharp that sometimes it hurts to see what it pulls out.  This shot is of the front headlight of a mini cooper.  An old one, one with character.  Yes I’m saying that the new ones don’t have as much character.   There was this cool looking old mini cooper just hanging out.  So I snapped some shots of it.  I was half waiting for this real hipster guy to come walking out of some building asking me what the hell I was doing, but it never happened.  I was ready for it though.  The whole time just imagining someone in a headband, and some goofy looking socks.  People are funny sometimes they co

Graffiti that really speaks

Walking around downtown Hudson Valley I stumbled upon this.  I totally love this quote, not that I can really apply it to my everyday life, but I still think it’s a great concept to think about.  While looking at the quote I noticed something interesting.  There was graffiti around it, and on it, but if you look closely someone has deliberately kept this on the side of their store.  They painted that great yellow color all around the quote, but not over it, just over the graffiti.  Thinking about that was fun.  Imagining someone with a roller on a pole, painting the whole side of the building, but leaving this one inspirational quote.  Great work to whoever did that.


August 16th 2021

Getting Rich Colors

Getting Rich Colors

I often get asked how I get the rich colors for the images that I have.  I always try and see the world as if it was just a little crisper and brighter.  I wanted to walk you through how to get some of those really deep rich colors that are so prevalent in today’s hyper-saturated photography world.  This simple shot was taken while walking around downtown Hudson Valley in the Rhino Art District.  I love walking around art districts that are set in more “rough” areas because there always seems to be interesting things going on.  I also find inspiration from the art that I see when I look through the windows of these places.  Anyways back to the reason for the post.

First I’ll show you the original image:

Here you can see that already there are some bright colors.  The orange is crystal