Thinking about where my work is heading { Hudson Valley Editorial Portrait Photographer }

I’ve really been excited with the direction of my photography lately.  I’ve been getting hired more and more to shoot editorial portraits of people, and it’s so much fun to work on these projects.  I really like trying to capture the character behind someone.  It’s not only the challenge of finding the right look, with regards to lighting, and posing, but also really pulling the person out of their shell, and capturing a unique and characteristic moment out of them.

Lindsey Vonn Revisit { Hudson Valley Editorial Portrait Photographer }

I’m starting to realize more and more how important editorial portraiture is to me.  I honestly love capturing someones character.  Headshots are fun and all, but I love it when I have a client that wants me to tell a story.  Lately, my headshot sessions have been turning into me doing more fashion oriented portraits of my clients.  Which has caused me to start thinking more and more about where I want my photography to go this next year.  This is going to be a big year for me, and while I can’t share all the details there certainly is going to be some major changes in my life.  I’m getting married first off, and after that who knows w

Top 10 Things to think about when you're shopping for a great headshot photographer

When you’re shopping for a headshot photographer there are few things that you should really consider before you book a photographer.  Here’s my top 10 things I wish all my clients new before they ended up with a terrible shot from another photographer.

1.  There’s a huge difference between a headshot and a portrait.

I know it might not sound like the two are different but they are.  One is designed to sell you.  A headshot is all about the sale.  Who are you marketing yourself towards.  A photographer should understand your ‘client base’ and be able to create an image that really sells you to them.  A portrait is gre

Hailey @ Wilhelmina Hudson Valley Modeling Agency { Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer }

Well I’m certainly trying to stay on top of my blogging.  I wouldn’t say I’m doing a great job of it, but I’ve been doing better than I was before.  The weather here in Hudson Valley has really been fantastic out lately, which has a great effect of putting me in a fantastic mood.  It also means that I start to get really inspired.  I would say that I have a tendency to hibernate in the winter time.  It’s just not my favorite time to shoot.  I love working with natural light, and interesting backdrops, with great people.  In the winter time, what I refer to as studio season I tend to get a bit bored of doing the same

Leah Opera Czech Republic { Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer }

First off if you’re looking for a [Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer]( Valley-Headshot-Photographer.aspx “Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer”) you can check out my portfolio here.

Oh man was this a fun shoot.  Leah came in for some headshots, and we had planned on a nice sunny day.  That wasn’t exactly what happened though.  As soon as she showed up to start hair and makeup it started snowing.  It was abundantly clear it was going to be a different shoot entirely.  I was super excited about shooting in the s