New Website Launched Hudson Valley Photographer

So for the last few months I’ve been working on building a new website. I liked my old one, but there were a few problems. First off the mobile version and the desktop version were actually 2 different code bases, so if I wanted to update one, I had to update it in 2 places. That totally sucked, and even got me in trouble once.  When I moved my studio from downtown Hudson Valley, to a bit further out, I forgot to update the mobile version of my website.  This resulted in a client showing up to the wrong studio space.  Another problem, was that while it was good for SEO to have all my portfolio’s seperated by the general category, I felt like it was too much work

Hudson Valley Headshot Photographer { Chuck }

Everyone say hi to Chuck. I recently had the chance to work with chuck to give him some new headshots. He had recently become more of a leader at the tech startup he’s working for, and he wanted to get a headshot that was clean, crisp, and modern. I actually really enjoy doing headshots for people in the Tech industry.  I have quite a bit of history in that industry, it’s actually what I went to school for and I worked for quite a while as a software engineer. So I always feel like it’s really easy for me to relate to people who work in Tech. I’d say I’m certainly pretty gregarious, but when you have a common ground like that it makes it even easier.

Chuck brought his wife along, which was a blast a