Taylor T. Model Portfolio shoot for Donna Baldwin Models

August 16th 2021
Taylor T. Model Portfolio shoot for Donna Baldwin Models

Hudson Valley Photographer back garage barn door lighting

So lately things have been so busy around our house. We had a great trip to new orleans. It was so awesome. The last time that I can remember that I was there was for the combined birthday between me and my granddad. We are actually both born on the same day.  A few years apart, but the same day.  So we had my 16th and his 50th on the same day.  That was such a fun experience.  I have always appreciated us having the same birthday.  For some reason we’ve always managed to have a blast celebrating together.  When I was younger I used to always make everyone granddad and grandma included go to a hibachi grill restaurant, and seeing old pictures of my granddad with those

stupid hats on is quite possibly one of the best things ever in my life.  He was such a great sport.  He always has told me that when I was born, he was a bit pissed that I was going to have the same birthday as him, and steal all his thunder.  At this point though it’s pretty clear, it’s been a fun part about both of our lives.  And when he finally moves on to the great abyss I have a feeling my birthday is going to be a bit of a sad day for me.

Our celebration back then was mostly just food.  I think we went to http://www.galatoires.com/ for our birthday dinner.  This time we were there to celebrate my fiance and I’s anniversary.  The last one we’ll celebrate that won’t be our wedding day.  We had a delicious dinner at Lukes for our anniversary dinner.  Were the seafood was so good, it made me really sad I don’t live by the coast.  I mean honestly fresh seafood is one of the greatest things in the world.  Shrimp that taste like delicious chicken from the sea.  I also had the most amazing oysters I’ve ever had.  They were local, and I have a feeling I’m never going to have them again, but oh man they were so good.  We also took an awesome bayou tour.  I love seeing wild animals where they should be, out in the wild.  Lynzi was taking a ton of pictures, and she got a ton of great photographs of our little vacation.  We also went to Oak Alley plantation, and got some amazing photographs there as well.  I can’t wait to get all my film developed from that trip.  I’ll post up those pictures on my blog as soon as I get the film developed.

Anyways back to these shots.  I had the chance to work with a model Taylor from Donna Baldwin modeling agency.  She was a blast to work with, and I think we got some great stuff.  These first couple of shots are from the back part of my studio, where I can open up these large bay doors, and get some great light out back.  It’s a ton of fun to work with this kind of soft natural light.  The subject always bounces off the shot, because I can get the backdrop to go almost black.  But the subject is still illuminated really well in the front by the big wash of soft natural light.  It’s a bit like photographing in the open shade, except in open shade the backdrop is being exposed the same amount as the subject, so there isn’t the same pop.

Hudson Valley Photographer with nice soft natural light

Nice natural light sun portrait with Taylor Hudson Valley Photographer

I also shot a bit of backlit sunlight right around my studio.  I still really wish there was more new architecture around my studio.  Things with more modern lines, and clean poured concrete.  Even since I was photographing in japan all the modern architecture, I really want to work with that more in my work.

Studio shot with faked natural light

Finally I just wanted to shoot a nice clean studio look for her.  I think this photograph turned out great, as just a simple portrait.  And Donna Baldwin modeling agency ended up using quite a few of these shots in Taylor portfolio.  It’s always nice to see my shots make it into the portfolios of the girls who have been working for quite a while.  I feel like I compete with myself a lot of the time, but it’s nice to view model portfolios as a competition as well.

Anyways I hope you like these simple shots.