Justin the Pianist Hudson Valley Photographer

August 16th 2021
Justin the Pianist Hudson Valley Photographer

Justin the Pianist Studio shot with artificial light through an octabox camera left on my mottled backdrop

I’m certainly a bit behind on the blogging front.  I’ve just been so busy lately.  When you’re worried about getting clients back their finals, the first thing to go is doing a blog write up.  I’m not even entirely sure I have time to write this one…. but I’m going for it anyways.  It’s late, and I feel like I didn’t get as much done today as I should have.

I have to say I’ve been really missing shooting on film lately.  Again, when you’re busy it’s not like there’s a lot of time for shooting and developing your own film.  It’s a process.  And even if I develop myself and scan contact sheets that same night, it basically tak

es up a whole night.  Although, I’ve seen a lot more fashion shooters picking film back up.  I can’t tell if it’s a revival or if it’s just the next fad, like a faded black and white.  Which I thought was cool for like 3 seconds.  As I go to check and see if there are still any in my portfolio.  Anyways, I’ve been struggling to justify owning my leica if I’m not going to shoot it.  How does one justify owning a camera that costs basically as much as most of my other cameras combined just to shoot film on vacations?  I’m keeping it, but it still makes me think every once in a while what I could do with that money.  I just wanted one for so damn long, I can’t imagine having to give it up.  Although if I think about selling most of my gear to buy a phase one camera, then it starts to seem like a more logical thing to do.

Like there’s any logic in spending 40k on a camera.  How do people end up pulling the trigger on those things?  I’ve read the blogs about doing it.  I’ve seen the work those photographers produce with it.  I’m still shocked that they were able to justify it.  I can’t seem to even though my fiance is a photographer as well, and would use the thing a ton.  So even at 20k, (1/2 for me, and 1/2 for her) it’s nearly impossible for me to think about actually signing the paper, and signing over that kind of cash.

That’s what has been on my mind lately.  Lots of gear thoughts, lots of thoughts about where I want to take my work.  I’ve been really in my head lately.  Luckily I feel like thinking about all this stuff has lead me to produce some really great work.  Really thinking about a shoot and producing something fantastic for my client.  There’s nothing that makes me happier than doing exactly that.

Justin here came in wanting to get some more editorial portraits.  Something that was interesting, and had some art to it.  I think what we put together really did a great job of selling the kind of character this guy is.  I really loved how these turned out.  The lighting here was really simple, just an octabox from the side.  I used a hand painted backdrop, so I could get some interesting texture in the shots.  I also wanted to shoot these with a bit of head space, just to make them a little bit more interesting.

Anyways,…. sorry about the rambling.  I hope you guys like them.