Hudson Valley Photographer { Our fun little Island Vacation }

August 16th 2021
Hudson Valley Photographer { Our fun little Island Vacation }

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I wanted to post up some personal things that I got to shoot when my fiance and I had a wedding that we attended up in St. Thomas.  I shot all of these on my Leica which at this point is more of a status symbol than anything else.  I can’t really use if for client work, as it’s all film, and I don’t really shoot it much around town because film is just too damn expensive to get processed.  I used to develop my own film, which so many people talk about how easy it is.  I have news for them when you’re used to shooting digital all the time developing and scanning your own film isn’t easy.  It’s a huge time suck.  Developing your own film, and then scanning it can take anywhere from 2-3 hours.  Which for me is basically a whole evening devoted to developing and scanning.  It’s super fun to see film develop right before your eyes, but after that wear

s off then it just seems like a chore.  The last thing I want to do is have photography feel like a chore.

Anyways back to our trip.  We had such a blast on this trip.  I had a feeling I really wasn’t going to like our beach vacation.  I’m not a beach vacation kind of guy.  I’m super pasty.  I burn easily.  I actually don’t like drinking all day.  I know that might come as a shocker, but I just can’t handle being that continuously drunk.  Damn, I sound old.  We ended up having a total blast though.  We got to spend some time in the downtown area in St. Thomas, walking around taking pictures and enjoying ourselves.  We ate at a fantastic little Caribbean place where I had the most awesome jerked fish.  I never thought I would like those combination of flavors, but the fish is just so fresh there.  It was fantastic.

We also had a really fun beach day.  The weather was perfect for me.  It was slightly overcast, so I could just lounge around in the ocean.  I floated on my back for like an hour and I swear I was inches away from completely falling asleep in the ocean.  It was so relaxing.  I guess it didn’t hurt that we had really strong mango daiquiris that we were hitting pretty hard.

The wedding was certainly a blast.  They had it on a terrace outside the hotel overlooking the ocean.  It was really gorgeous.  It was a quaint small ceremony.  And I couldn’t be happier for the bride and groom.  Lynzi and I had a blast at the reception.  The real fun was when we decided to go swimming in the pool after the wedding in our underwear.  That’s when things got crazy.  We played volleyball until we ended up getting kicked out by the hotel security.

After the wedding we were scheduled to get home on our flight, but american airlines had some technical problem and had to ground all of their flights.  This meant we were forced to spend the night in Miami, and then we had a whole day in Miami to play before we had to go back to Hudson Valley.  I was really surprised at how much fun we had in Miami.  We started off in Little Havana and listened to some great local Cuban Jazz before we took a cab over to Vizcaya.  That was gorgeous as well.  I loved all the different cultures in Miami.  I think that’s what I really like about travelling is seeing all the different cultures and how they all interact.