Hudson Valley Senior Portrait Photographer { Katrina }

August 16th 2021
Hudson Valley Senior Portrait Photographer { Katrina }

Fashion styled shoots for senior portraits in Hudson Valley Czech Republic

These are clearly not senior portrait shots, but I have wanted to start ranking more for seniors.  I have a feeling I could offer something that a lot of the other senior portrait photographers couldn’t quite offer.  I have a strong fashion look to my work, and I’m hoping that I can appeal to clients who are looking to get something that is really interesting, and modern.  There will be no hiding behind trees kinds of shoots here.  I’m not going to take a picture of you leaning on your hands, or posing against a brick wall.  There’s only going to be really well done shots that capture the real you.  Then I’ll be professionally retouching these shots to look

like they’re out of a magazine, and not a sears portrait studio.

Well anyways…. that’s where my heads at right now.  I’m always trying to diversify my business a bit.  I just love taking portraits of people.  That’s what it’s always boiled down to.  I really enjoy the work that I do, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Lynzi and I are in the lull period with our wedding plans at this point.  It’s nice to have most things planned out, and be able to just sit back and wait for our big wedding day.  That doesn’t mean I’m not wildly excited for the whole trip.  I can’t wait for it to get here.  Not only are we going to get married in a totally beautiful place, we’re also going to try and pull together a few shoots while we’re there.  I’m sure that will be a bit stressful for me, but I just can’t pass up the opportunity to shoot some editorial work while I’m in Iceland.  It’s funny because I don’t feel like editorial fashion work is really my strongsuit, but I’m always happy when I finally pull it all together and actually get an editorial finished.  It’s hard to convince yourself it’s worth all the work you have to put in on the planning phase, and then even more work on the retouching backend.  When it’s all done though, it’s so awesome to see your work in a magazine, and suddenly it all seems like it was all worth it.  I really want to try and pull off at least one editorial there on the black shore beaches there.  I mean how many black sandy beaches have you been on?  I have only been on one in hawaii, but I think the feeling will be so different because it will most likely be raining and cloudy.

We also had a total blast in St. Thomas for a friend of ours wedding.  I even got a chance to use my leica more, which I always enjoy.  That poor camera doesn’t get enough usage.  Which is sad because I spent so much damn money on it.  The great part about it though is I love not taking a big DSLR, or frankly any camera that requires a bunch of electronic battery chargers.  It’s nice to know that all it requires is a roll of film, and we’re good to go.   It also gives me a chance to wear/use my Ona Bag.  I really love wearing that thing.  I think whenever it becomes more socially acceptable for men to wear murses I’m for sure going to be wearing that bag all the time.  I would really like to have a camera on me at all times, and my leica fits so nicely in there with a japan camera hunter film holder.  I only have a few things that I feel like are made that well, and make me feel that special.  Ona bag plus a leica is certainly that thing.

So back to this actual shoot.  I basically brought Katrina in to my studio so that I could get a feel for the new space.  We had just moved in, and I had a few clients coming in, and I really just wanted to make sure that I had everything I needed, and I could at least find where everything was.  It’s always a bit tricky to get a feel for a space.  The last thing I would want to do would be figuring out my new space while there was a client standing around wondering why I couldn’t find my pocket wizards.  So we worked through a few different setups that I wanted to try out in my studio.  The first shot up there being a simple garage shot.  I finally have a really nice private area in my studio where I can shoot barn door light.  Which is probably my very favorite kind of light that’s kinda indoors.

Edgy senior portrait photographers in Hudson Valley

interesting senior portraits in Hudson Valley

For these studio shots I just wanted something simple, but I wanted to do something that had a nice clean modern look.  For these I shot with my big octobox, and then I added a reflector to make sure the falloff wasn’t quite so intense.

Hudson Valley Senior Portrait Photographer

This was done with a parabolic off to camera right.

Senior Portrait photographer in Hudson Valley with fashion style

Fantastic looking senior portrait shots.