Hudson Valley Corporate Headshot Photographer { Alyssa }

Here are some shots I did with a local Donna Baldwin Model Alyssa.  Man was she great to work with.  She moved really well, and had a fantastic look to her.  We had a ton of fun shooting together.  We wanted to put some great stuff into her portfolio to make her a bit more marketable around here.  She hadn’t really done much shooting in a while, and her look had changed a bit, so she wanted to update her comp card.  So we went with a couple of outside looks, and some studio stuff.  We wanted to add some variety so she would have lots of stuff to choose from for her comp card.  I worked with her fantastic agent over at Donna to make sure we came o

Hudson Valley Photographer { Raquel Big Ol Collaboration Night }

These shots are pretty old too, but I don’t think I ever did a writeup for them. A while back a bunch of us Hudson Valley Photographers got together for a night of drinks, and shooting. Around town, we rarely do stuff like this, but it was great to hang out with a bunch of the other local photogs. We shot at another photographers giant studio space, we had 5-6 models, 5 or so HMUA’s and a group of us photographers. Oh and there was plenty of fireball for the models. I brought some real bourbon though, I can’t stand that fireball stuff.

One of the girls that we invited was Raquel, who at the time had only really done one shoot. Nowadays she’s gone on to shoot with all the top p

Hudson Valley Photographer { Kora Editorial for Jute Magazine }

Earlier this year I had an awesome chance to work on an editorial that i had been wanting to do for a very long time.  I had always wanted to shoot a seedy motel.  Now initially I wanted a sun drenched LA look to this shoot, with something that looked a bit more vintage, but in the end it was too hard to find a motel that would even let us shoot there.  You’d be shocked at how hard it is, to get people to take your money.  Seriously I wasn’t trying to do anything for trade, I just wanted them to let me shoot while I was paying for a room.  It was suprisingly ridiculous how scared people were about me doing an editorial.  I had one lady accuse me of trying to get away with having an orgy, and no