New York Pet Photographer { Walking around Downtown}

[![New York Pet Portrait Photography](/images/blog_images/uploads/New York-Pet-Portrait-Photography.jpg “New York Pet Portrait Photography”)]( York-Pet-Portrait-Photography.jpg)

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Well I went walking around Downtown New York yesterday afternoon and all the cute puppies were out in full effect!  I don’t normally see so many cute dogs, but I guess I just got lucky.  I love seeing all th

Engagement Photographer New York { Jenna + Ross }

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Well I certainly am a little late in getting their shots up on my blog.  I’ve just been so busy with a ton of other things that I really haven’t had time to blog even when I want to.  Here’s my nice down to earth couple of the season.  Totally chill, no heels kinda girl.  I can certainly appreciate that.  Everyone say Hi to Jenna and Ross.

I actually did their shoot almost a month ago, but I haven’t had time to write about it, because I’ve been really busy at work lately.  I ended up going on a big trip to Vegas, for work, which ha

New York Photographer { Artsy Stuff }

I took this shot while I was doing my wedding shoot with Dave and Julia.  I was actually just trying to figure out what kind of lighting I wanted to use for the couple walking down this alleyway into their reception.  As you can see this is not the exposure I ended up with because it would have been overly dark.  But just as I was playing with exposure and figuring all this stuff out, and this waitress walked passed me.

I knew I had an opportunity to get a really cool photograph of this girl completely back lit and kind of ethereal.  Problem was I was going to have to time it just right.  This is where practicing street photography reall

Engagement Photographer New York { Candice and Grafton }

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Well it certainly has been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been really busy with other little projects, and I’ve been in my own little bubble coming up for air here and there for some engagement photography shoots.  Everyone say Hi to Candice and Grafton.  This cute couple is from the wonderful state of Texas.  They are a great pair together.  Plenty of laughs, loving life, and each

New York Photographer { New Photoshop Mixer Brushes }

So I recently bought one of those Wacom pen tablets.  I really wish I would have done it sooner.  It has been so much fun playing with this thing!  I love how I can make really awesome looking brush strokes on a digital canvas.  It’s totally wild.  Now I do have the advantage of using photoshop CS5’s new Mixer brushes, and I have to say I’m totally amazed by how great they look.  Honestly it’s like painting with a real brush in your hand.  It does take a little getting use to with the whole hand eye coordination of making strokes on something below the screen while watching it happen on your monitor.  Sadly I’ve been too busy playing with digital painting to try my hand at some really

Playing with Textures { Abstract Photography New York }

I can’t believe how inspired I’ve felt lately.  Not only to create amazing portraits, but also to do some abstract work, which I haven’t done much of lately.  I’m finally starting to get more free time, and feel less stressed out at work, and thusly my photography prospers because of it.  I love creating, and it can be especially fun with abstracts when you have such a blank canvas it becomes difficult to find focal points, and put meaning into shots.  So instead I just try and make them look cool. Just kidding.  Even with my abstract shots I try and put “emotion” into them.  I realize that my abstract photography might not always have that “emotion”

New York Photographer { Abstract Location Scouting }

I know it’s rare that I put up something so abstract on my blog, but every once in a while I see an abstract shot that I really enjoy.  This is one of those cases.  I rarely do abstract photography anymore.  I’m far too busy doing portrait photography, which is really my main passion.  But when I first got into photography I did a lot more abstract photography than portraits.  I mean honestly how many times can you take a picture of your friends before they start to get annoyed.

I always enjoyed using textures in my abstract photography.  I think the use of textures adds what I like to call “Crunch” to an image.

Engagement Photography New York { Candace + Andrew }

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Man I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a real post about some of my recent work.  I’ve been so busy with other things going on in my life it’s been hard to stay on top of blogging.  Not that blogging is really a chore, I love writing about all my photography sessions, and being able to look back on them with some version of commentary.  Even if the commentary is lacking I hope the photography isn’t.

I sure do love spri

New York Street Photography

I recently took a trip walking around 16th street mall.  I love New York.  So may characters, interesting faces.  New York certainly is just alive with people.  I don’t always see the shots that I want when I’m shooting street photography.  It’s hard for me to get up the courage to really get close and shoot people who aren’t expecting to have their picture taken.  I try and push myself to get closer, see more emotion, and capture unique shots.  This can be really hard sometimes.  This first shot was one where I knew I was going to get exactly the shot I wanted.  I had a a great backdrop, and I knew that if I shot this shot I was going to love it.  This guy had such an interesting look to him.  He seemed a little forlorn, but he also had such an i

Engagement Photography New York { Amber + Chris }

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I know I know,… it’s been forever…. I’ve just been real busy and honestly had a few family things that I’ve needed to deal with, so I haven’t been able to post in a while.  But here I am posting now,… so everyone say hi to Amber and Chris.  This cute couple was a ton of fun to work with.  Chris is wiked stylish ( I think he has amber beat in the fashion department by just a smidge) and amber has a killer smile.  They were real easy to take pictures of.  I didn’t get to play