Taylor T. Model Portfolio shoot for Donna Baldwin Models

So lately things have been so busy around our house. We had a great trip to new orleans. It was so awesome. The last time that I can remember that I was there was for the combined birthday between me and my granddad. We are actually both born on the same day.  A few years apart, but the same day.  So we had my 16th and his 50th on the same day.  That was such a fun experience.  I have always appreciated us having the same birthday.  For some reason we’ve always managed to have a blast celebrating together.  When I was younger I used to always make everyone granddad and grandma included go to a hibachi grill restaurant, and seeing old pictures of my granddad with those

Hudson Valley Senior Portrait Photographer { Katrina }

These are clearly not senior portrait shots, but I have wanted to start ranking more for seniors.  I have a feeling I could offer something that a lot of the other senior portrait photographers couldn’t quite offer.  I have a strong fashion look to my work, and I’m hoping that I can appeal to clients who are looking to get something that is really interesting, and modern.  There will be no hiding behind trees kinds of shoots here.  I’m not going to take a picture of you leaning on your hands, or posing against a brick wall.  There’s only going to be really well done shots that capture the real you.  Then I’ll be professionally retouching these shots to look

Hudson Valley Corporate Headshot Photographer { Alyssa }

Here are some shots I did with a local Donna Baldwin Model Alyssa.  Man was she great to work with.  She moved really well, and had a fantastic look to her.  We had a ton of fun shooting together.  We wanted to put some great stuff into her portfolio to make her a bit more marketable around here.  She hadn’t really done much shooting in a while, and her look had changed a bit, so she wanted to update her comp card.  So we went with a couple of outside looks, and some studio stuff.  We wanted to add some variety so she would have lots of stuff to choose from for her comp card.  I worked with her fantastic agent over at Donna to make sure we came o