Hudson Valley Photographer { Elora Zamora }

So this is Elora, a gorgeous singer here in Hudson Valley.  She came to me, wanting to up her game with some great pictures for her singing career.  She knew how important branding yourself can be to getting that next big gig.  For other people to take you seriously, first you need to take your own career seriously.  Because she was such a pretty girl already, I knew that I could get away with doing simple looks for her, because I knew she would be able to really carry the shots.  It really depends on peoples personalities when you’re doing shots like these.  If they are interesting enough I think you can get away with simpler

Hudson Valley Band Photography { The Truth and Spectacle }

I recently had the chance to shoot one of the local bands here in Hudson Valley, called “The Truth & Spectacle”.  You know what I love about band photography?  Everything!  It’s super fun to shoot these people that have so much character.  Honestly as much fun as fashion photography is to shoot, there’s something special about being able to do band portraiture.  It’s really an awesome thing to get to photograph these people who sing, and perform.  They are naturally pretty amazing in front of the camera, and they usually come with something special as far as a ‘look’ goes.   This band was no different.  Daniel, and Ryan are truly amazing artists, and I’m honestly so hap